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  At present, our business and current products that we are the importers and distributors are:

    • LA VACHE QUI RIT CHEESE (Bel - France) since 1992
    • ANLENE, ANMUM Milk (Fonterra Brands) since 1997
    • CEREAL AND BISCUITS KELLOGG'S ( Kellogg's Corporation) since 2008
    • REFRESING HERBAL POWDER COOLING DRINK ( PT Sari Enesis Indah - Indonesia) since 2011
    • POKKA BEVERAGE (Pokka Corporation -Singapore) since 2005
    • KOBANA RICE CRACKER (Private brand- Thailand) since 2005
    •  LOTTE CUSTARD CAKE AND CANDY (Lotte - Korea).
    • LEEKUMKEE CONDIMENTS ( LeeKumKee - HongKong)
    • MEIJI POWDER MILK (Japan and Australia) 
    • KEWPIE MAYONNAISE  since 2011
    • SAPPORO BEER ( Sapporo Vietnam) since 2012
    • WHEAT FLOUR ( Interflour) since 2009
    • NISSIN INSTANT NOODLE (Nissin Vietnam) since 2012
    • S&B WASABI and OTHER SPICE (S&B Japan) since 2013
    • WONDERFARM WAFER and CRACKERS (Interfood Vietnam) since 2013
    • COOKIES and JELLY DRINKS (Garuda Food Indonesia) since 2013
    • KAO BODY AND FAMILY CARE PRODUCT ( Kao Vietnam) since 2011
    • HARMONY FRUITY SOAP (Megasurya Mas - Indonesia).
    • HOUSE Dessert and Functional Drinking Powder (House Vietnam) since 2013
    • OJI SAUSAGE (Oz Foods Solution Vietnam) since 2013
    • NIKE since 2013

We ar Importing and Distributing over 600 SKUs of more than 100 Brands all over Viet Nam

Bel Fonterra Lee Kum Kee KAO Corporation Vietnam Lotte Kellogg's Pokka Namchow MEGASURYA-MAS Sapporo Breweries Corparation Kewpie Corparation PT. Sari Enesis Indah Nissinfoods OZ Food Solution House Foods Vietnam S&B Foods Inc. Japan Morinaga Nike golf Pringles Gingy Aptamil
Address : C10, 39 homeland area 18A, Nguyen Huu Tho street, Phuoc Kien ward, Nha Be town, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone : (84.28) 3620 9955 (5 lines) Fax : (84.28) 3620 9960 - Email: info@huongthuy.com.vn
Tax Code : 0304898593